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    ACCU 500彩票在线快三平台 page ACCU Conference Page
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    ACCU Privacy Policy

    ACCU Privacy Policy

    Here at the ACCU we take you500彩票在线快三平台r privacy seriously and will only use you500彩票在线快三平台r personal information to administer you500彩票在线快三平台r membership and to provide the community-based services you500彩票在线快三平台 have requested from us.  We do not sell you500彩票在线快三平台r details to third parties, but we do process them and pass to some third parties as outlined below in order to support our community’s activities. As a volunteer-run organisation this naturally limits the amount of processing that we do, as we focus our kindly donated volunteer efforts on the maintenance of the core activities of the association.  

    We collect information on you500彩票在线快三平台 based on you500彩票在线快三平台 creating or renewing a membership contract with us (including honorary and complimentary memberships), to:

    • process you500彩票在线快三平台r ACCU membership and its renewal (including reminders by email). We use a 3rd party payment provider for membership payments and we do not store you500彩票在线快三平台r payment details;
    • create and maintain you500彩票在线快三平台r ACCU website user account;
    • add you500彩票在线快三平台 to the ACCU members email list;
    • pass to the online voting system so that you500彩票在线快三平台 can vote in ACCU elections;  
    • pass you500彩票在线快三平台r name and postal address to the printers if you500彩票在线快三平台r membership type includes receiving printed copies of ACCU  journals; and
    • pass to the ACCU Conference event provider and organisers for promoting and organising the ACCU Conference.

    We also collect information on you500彩票在线快三平台 including you500彩票在线快三平台r email address based on the contract/s we have with you500彩票在线快三平台:

    • so as to invoice and to collect what you500彩票在线快三平台 owe us, and to pay expenses we owe you500彩票在线快三平台; and
    • for the book keeping needed for our financial accounts, and to prepare and publish our accounts.

    By you500彩票在线快三平台 using our sites and services you500彩票在线快三平台 consent to us collecting information on you500彩票在线快三平台 even as a non-member so as to:

    • support proposal submission, review, presenting, publishing and promoting for the ACCU conference;
    • organise meetings and events such as those run by the ACCU local groups;
    • support the email servers lists/bulletin boards e.g. accu-general@500彩票在线快三平台;
    • support the authoring and publishing of the ACCU journals; and
    • support the community’s activities on the ACCU website.

    We have a legitimate interest to process you500彩票在线快三平台r personal data to:

    • log ACCU web and email servers user stats (including IP addresses), to determine their usage, to guide their maintenance and provisioning, and to help with identifying hacks and abuse;
    • backup our sites and services including the email lists and website, so they can be restored in the event of a problem;
    • archive the bulletin boards, ACCU Journals, AGM packs, committee meeting minutes and related communications for historical reference;
    • provide you500彩票在线快三平台 with adverts on the website so as to raise funds to support the community. We use an ad-server which doesn’t have access to the membership list. The adserver used will vary over time. Today the adserver is who record some details - see their ; and
    • to find and maintain advertisers to help fund the community’s activities we share website view and click through statistics with advertisers.

    Where we take photographs of you500彩票在线快三平台 e.g. at our conference or at local events to post online, we will ask for you500彩票在线快三平台r consent at the time.

    As we are a global association, in order to support the ACCU activities you500彩票在线快三平台r information will leave the EEA/UK.  Safeguards are taken to minimize the information transferred.

    You are deleted from the membership list within 7 months after you500彩票在线快三平台r membership expiry date.  Your data on the ACCU website is kept until updated or deleted, and hence after one year from the site’s backups. Your information in relation to the financial accounts will be kept for the period required by UK law. Email correspondence with those running the association will be kept for historical reference, unless you500彩票在线快三平台 advise the recipient not to.

    Please only share with us, with our sites and on our services information related to programming and related activities. Do NOT share information on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, health, trade union membership, or on sexual orientation or behaviour.

    You can ask to see you500彩票在线快三平台r personal information, have any mistakes corrected, ask for it be erased, opt out of receiving journals/online voting/passing details to ACCU Conference, or raise a complaint by sending an email to accumembership@500彩票在线快三平台. To implement you500彩票在线快三平台r GDPR based requests (and other legal requests), we will collect information on you500彩票在线快三平台 and retain it for as long as necessary, so that we can process you500彩票在线快三平台r request as we are legally obligated to do. Additionally, we collect and process you500彩票在线快三平台r data when legally required to do so by law.

    Alternatively, you500彩票在线快三平台 can raise a complaint with our supervisory authority; however, before doing so please contact500彩票在线快三平台 at accumembership@500彩票在线快三平台, so that we have the opportunity to address you500彩票在线快三平台r concerns.

    Your ACCU Committee


    Change Log




    2.0 16th Sept 2018 Committee approved clarification regarding email correspondence with those running the association
    1.0 22nd July 2018 Committee approved first version

    Page last changed 19th Sept 2018 by Nigel Lester.


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